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SMS Marketing Software

SMS marketing has never been this easy. Compose and send unlimited SMSes to your customer lists. We take care of the nitty gritty like DND filtering, gateways, etc. SMS messages are immensely effective for reaching customers easily.

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Send SMS to Potential Customers

SMS marketing can take effort, right from finding the right provider to signing up to managing contact lists. We have taken the pain out of the process. Our automation software can send unlimited SMS messages to your customer lists and store frequently used templates for repeated use. Our SMS marketing software helps you send targeted messages to your active customers.

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List management and DND filtering

You can manage multiple sub-lists of customers you want to target with our SMS marketing software. For example, create a sub-list of all female customers between ages 24-35, so you can send them a targeted SMS about upcoming events, offers or product launches. We also auto-filter out DND mobile numbers so you don’t accidentally end up spamming your customers.

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Trigger SMS messages on certain conditions

Firecart’s advanced workflow based marketing automation helps you setup triggered SMS messages to go out to customers when they take specific action such as opening an email, filling up landing page forms, making a purchase. Easily create workflows to start engaging active customers.

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SMS campaign analytics

Analytics allows you to get instant insight into which of your customers are on DND and which ones received the SMS successfully. Monitor & track campaign ROI, identifying highly engaged customers and monitor delivery rates through Firecart. By using Firecart’s automation analytics, you can create targeted campaigns and progressively build a better understanding of your customer base

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Advantages of SMS Marketing Automation Software

An average individual takes around 26 hours to report his pouch was stolen? However, when it comes to mobile phones, most will respond to an email within about 30 minutes. People see and respond to SMSes even faster.

Our SMS marketing automation software is cost effective. In addition, there are several advantages to this channel.

  • Prompt Deliverability – The average delivery time on most mobile network operators is less than 5 seconds. SMSes reach quickly, which make them a powerful marketing channel.
  • Higher Open Rate – As compared to email marketing, SMS marketing has higher open rates. Because SMSes are typically short and direct, consumers don’t mind taking a quick look. This is not the case with emails, which are effective in their own right, but typically require a higher commitment from the recipient.
  • High Conversion Rate – SMS have been know to show high conversion rates compared to other promotional marketing activities.
  • Reliable – An SMS forms a direct connection between your brand and your potential customers. It does not have to fight through spam filters like email.
  • Limitless Market Potential – Mobile phones are ubiquitous and text messaging is a proven way to communicate effectively with people. Mobile phone users span all economic strata and demographic groups making SMS an invaluable tool in your marketing arsenal.


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