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Lead Nurturing Software

Automatically convert prospects into customers with lead nurturing. Categorize and nurture your precious leads with specific targeted workflows. Follow-up with leads based on real time segmentation criteria.

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Central Leads & Contacts Database

Say goodbye to the days when you had to juggle multiple Excel files to keep your contacts and leads database updated. Firecart helps you manage and store information related to your contacts more effectively. Organize all your leads in a single, easy to use lead management software. Lead data collected from your website and marketing campaigns is automatically updated so you do not have to manually manage any data. A central leads database reduces the chances of human induced data entry errors.

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Custom Data Fields

Your business and your customers are truly unique to you. Create custom fields which are specific to your business and maintain detailed information on each of your customers. Custom fields allow you to collect data about your nurtured leads and customers in addition to the basic contact information like first name, last name, email, phone number, etc. Now you can capture information unique to your business! Custom fields can then be included in your email and SMS communication with your leads. Custom fields can also be updated directly via landing page forms.

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Identify your most engaged leads

See an overview of which of your campaigns a particular lead has interacted with, so you can determine their level of engagement with your brand. For example, a lead that consistently opens your email campaigns and also refers their friends to your business is clearly a very valuable customer to you. Making these customers feel special can tremendously boost your customer loyalty and sales. Identifying and rewarding your most engaged subscribers can help you generate more leads.

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Robust lead segmentation

Lead segmentation is the key to growing email marketing performance and overall conversion rates for your marketing campaigns. Manually or automatically segment your leads into intelligent sublists. For example, keep a sublist of your most engaged customers, your highest sales accounts, or your best performing partners so you can easily communicate with them later on. Powerful automation allows you to add a lead to a sublist based on rules and trigger conditions. Our lead segmentation features improve your ability to focus efforts and deliver better value. Our lead nurturing software improves your ability to target the right audience.

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What is Lead Nurturing?

Lead nurturing helps your business build a deeper connect with your potential clients even if they are not currently looking to purchase a product or service. It’s a process of progressively nudging the customer down your lifecycle funnel.

Benefits of Lead Nurturing Campaigns

As part of typical lead nurturing campaigns, emails are sent to segmented lists of potential leads based on demographics and interest in particular services or products.

Search Segmentation Opportunities: Proactively planning your segmentation criteria can help you organize your leads database well. Good segmentation improves your email performance and that has a direct impact on the business. Segmented contacts and targeted emails drive 50% – 60% more clicks, clearly benefitting your business.

Increase Engagement: Lead nurturing automation is a very effective way of increasing engagement with leads after their first contact with your business. If a particular lead has stopped visiting or purchasing from your site, lead nurturing is a good way to remind them about your business and try to bring them back.

Encourage referrals and new lead generation: Lead nurturing has the potential to attract new visitors & leads to your website. Engaged leads share about you in their social circles, which helps expand your reach and attract new customers for your business.

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