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Email Marketing Software

Send beautiful email newsletters to keep your customers and prospects engaged. Save time and manage your email marketing program more efficiently with detailed statistics.

Easy drag & drop mobile friendly email newsletter creator

Include images, text, links and other content in your emails using our easy to use email compose tool. View previews and even send yourself a test email to ensure it looks fine before sending it out to your lists. Upload your own logos, images, banners and store them in the media library for reuse in multiple email newsletters. Store email templates so you can easily reuse them for future mailings.


Personalize the content

Include custom (mail-merge) tags in the email templates to include customer specific information like name, mobile, address, etc. Customize the colour themes of the email so your email looks branded and professional.


Super easy to use & generate business in no time.

Tons of templates to get started in a jiffy

There are a whole bunch of email templates as part of the tool for your different email use cases, to get started quickly & create an effective email newsletter.


Manage large email lists, yet make the emails appear personal & targeted

You can manage multiple customer sub-lists using our email marketing solution. For example, create a sublist of all female customers between ages 24-30, so you can send them a targeted email about events, offers or product launches. We auto-filter out the unsubscribed and bounced email addresses so your deliverability ratings stay high and you are can be sure of not spam’ming your customers. Email marketing has never been this easy


Outstanding deliverability, scalability, and reliability for your emails.

Make your email completely branded

Upload your custom HTML email code to make the email completely branded. In addition to the simple drag & drop email editor, there is also a super simple & easy to use HTML upload editor, where you just upload your custom HTML code. Use custom tags & further personalize your HTML emails, making your customers feel special.


Real time email marketing

Track email opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes in real time as they happen. We give you the most important statistics in an easy to view format so you can make quick decisions about what’s working and what’s not working in your email newsletters. Compare your email performances across different lists & segments to identify the best performing segments, identify unique behavior of certain types of customers. Identify which days work better than the rest & a lot more.


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