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Email Marketing Software

Send beautiful email newsletters to keep your customers and prospects engaged. We offer you everything you need to run an effective email marketing campaign. Using our personalization features and marketing automation, you can save time and manage your email marketing program more efficiently with detailed statistics.

Super easy to use & generate business in no time.

Easy drag & drop mobile friendly email newsletter creator

Editing and customizing your own templates has become easy with our drag & drop editor. Add images, change fonts, change the background color or add personalization elements. No programming skills needed. Our email marketing automation software allows you to add images, text, links and other content in your emails using an easy to use email editor tool. see detailed device wise previews and even send yourself a test email to ensure it looks fine before sending it out to your lists. Upload your own logos, images, banners and store them in the media library for reuse in multiple email newsletters. Store email templates so you can easily reuse them for future campaigns.

Email Marketing Software 1

Personalize the content

Include custom (mail-merge) tags in the email templates to include customer specific information like name, mobile, address, etc. Customize the colour themes of the email so your email looks branded and professional. Personalize your eCommerce email marketing campaign with your contacts data. Our automated email marketing software helps you segment your contacts lists based on different criteria.

Email Marketing Software 2

Stunning and effective email templates

It can be hard to know where to begin, specially when you have different type of emails to be sent (drip emails marketing, abandonment cart emails, blasts etc), images, HTML, content and more. Our email marketing software makes it possible to develop emails with zero HTML knowledge. Just design it once and it automatically adapts to your reader’s screen size. There are a whole bunch of ready email templates for different use cases, to get you started quickly. Our email templates are mobile-friendly, and 100% compatible on a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Email Marketing Software 4

Outstanding deliverability, scalability, and reliability for your emails.

Manage large email lists, yet make the emails appear personal & targeted

Now you can quickly filter your subscribers list and send targeted emails based on triggers. You can manage multiple customer sublists using our eCommerce email marketing software. For example, create a sublist of all female customers between ages 24-30, so you can send them a targeted email about events, offers or product launches. We auto-filter out the unsubscribed and bounced email addresses so your deliverability ratings stay high and your customers never get annoyed by your emails. Email marketing has never been this easy. Subject lines can be personalized too to help improve open rates.

Email Marketing Software 4

Make your email completely branded

You can build aesthetic and fully functional email templates with minimal effort. Upload your custom HTML email code to make the email completely branded. In addition to the simple drag & drop email editor, there is also a super simple & easy to use HTML upload tool. Use custom tags and personalize your HTML emails, making your customers feel special.

Email Marketing Software 5

Real time email tracking

No need to guess, easily view the performance of your email campaigns in our automated real-time analytics dashboard. Opens, bounces, clicks, our email marketing campaign report provides you the whole picture. Track email opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes in real time as they happen. We give you the most important statistics in an easy to view format so you can make quick decisions about what’s working and what’s not working in your email marketing newsletters. Keeping poor email addresses out of your list improves deliverability. Compare your email marketing performances across different lists & segments to identify the best performing segments, identify unique behavior of certain types of customers.


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Why our Email Marketing software is so effective?

Email marketing is one of the most successful ways of reaching out to your target audience and growing sales. Firecart provides you an easy tool to take advantage of this incredible marketing channel. Email marketing is also known to provide excellent ROI on your marketing spend.

Firecart’s email marketing automation software is scalable and comprehensive. Implement your automated campaigns, behavior-triggered messages, and much more on this robust marketing automation platform for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Increased revenue attribution and lower costs: Email is more cost-effective than traditional marketing or telemarketing where additional costs can reduce your ROI. Links inside emails can be tracked, allowing you to attribute the final sale to the original email. Automation has changed the way customers engage with businesses. Everyone is looking to engage their customers and grow their revenue with the help of email marketing.

Be more effective and measurable: Effective because emails reach a wide audience in a short span of time and offer recipients the ability for take action or write back immediately. Our automation software helps with real time analytics, so email campaigns can be measured in depth through open, click-through and conversion rates to evaluate the achievements of campaigns. When you want to establish your business, acquire new customers or launch a new product you must turn to email because it delivers better than most other platforms at a fraction of the cost.

Less repetition, more creativity, more awareness: Replace your manual repetitive email tasks with our automated rules and campaigns, so you can free your time to focus on more creative tasks. Regularly send new emails with call to actions in subject lines to drive product awareness and hence revenue.

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