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Drip Marketing Software

Setup a series of email which automatically go out at pre-configured intervals to your prospects and customers. Nurture prospects until they are ready to buy as well as send timely relevant content to your target audience.

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Pre-define a series of emails at preset intervals

Easily compose a series of emails and add a time lag between each email. Setup once and forget about it as the drip marketing tool automatically sends out the email at the designated time. Customizing your drip emails with user data and triggering emails based on events just got immensely easier. Use well defined attributes for each segment to customize messages for each group.

drip marketing software

Automated trigger conditions

Our drip marketing automation allows you to automatically send a series of emails to contacts based on triggers such as the registration, shopping cart abandonment, appointment date etc. A drip email marketing campaign can be triggered based on multiple criteria. Intelligently trigger a drip marketing campaign based on workflows – if lead fills out a landing page form, if lead opens or clicks in an email, if lead makes a referral, registers on the website and much more.

drip marketing automation software

Real time analytics

Our drip marketing software offers powerful real time analytics, which allows you to study how your prospects and customers are interacting with the drip campaigns. Our drip marketing automation software helps you understand which particular message is being clicked and which ones are giving you better engagement.

drip marketing

Some use cases

  • Trigger an automated series of welcome messages to new subscribers. Progressively send valuable information in successive emails.
  • Target a series of emails only to a particular sub-segment of your customers. For example, highly engaged email readers get additional email follow ups and/or special offers
  • Send an automated series of training emails to first time registrants
  • Automatically remind customers about service renewal or product re-plenishment
  • Automatically re engage lapsed or churned customers who have not purchased from you in a long time

Start automated email followups & nurturing with drip

The real power of Drip Marketing Software

Drip marketing software can take your customer engagement to the next level. The more data you feed into the software, the more use cases you can fulfil using drip marketing. Think about all the behavioural and demographic data you collect about your prospects and customers. By segmenting your contacts into various buckets based on this data, drip marketing can help you send specific emails to these segments, individually targeting their needs and desires.

Drip email automation can help you gain more customers and better engage existing customers, but don’t overdo it. Customers can even get annoyed by getting frequent mails. Be thoughtful before setting up drip campaigns.

How to Set Up a Drip Campaign?

Our Drip marketing automation software will help you convert more leads and engage better with existing customers.

Here are four steps which will help you to structure a drip email campaign with examples on how to target your segmented customers for getting better results.

1. Identify Your Target Audience

Drip email campaigns are about breaking your subscriber list into segments based on demographic and behavioral data and sending relevant information to each segment. Trigger your campaign based on three types of triggers: either an action on your website (signup, form fill, etc), a users interaction with another campaign (referral, email open, click, etc), or when customer data fields are updated.

2. Craft Your Message

Create targeted and crisp email messages that ensure your drip campaign really speaks with the target segment. Make the emails action oriented as you want the user to take the next step (“make a purchase”, “download the app”, etc).

3. Configure & Start Your Campaign

Configure the correct workflow triggers to ensure the drip marketing campaign is firing at the right time on the right people. Do internal test runs to ensure your campaign is working as expected.

4. Evaluate and Adjust

Evaluate the campaign against your goals. To improve results, study everything from email open rates, to click through rates to website goal completions. Adjust your email subject lines, sending delay and email copy to see what sticks and what doesn’t.

Firecart’s marketing automation software provides powerful drip marketing campaign functionality which can help you improve your customer funnel conversion percentage. You get all of these benefits without the headache of manually managing email communication.


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