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Referral Marketing Software

Let your customers become your brand ambassadors with a state of the art customer referral program. Our referral marketing software is super easy to use and takes the pain away from managing a referral program.

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Create Customer Referral Program

Create a powerful refer a friend program to turn your customers into your brand advocates. Easily set up custom awards and auto-trigger rules based on criteria like number of referrals, number of conversions, conversion spend amount, and more. Launch the referral marketing program on various channels like website widget, post-purchase page pop-up, landing page, Facebook page or post-purchase email.


Design a great looking referral form

Pick from one of our ready referral marketing software page templates or design one from scratch using our drag-and-drop landing page builder software. Your referral campaign page look is completely customizable to your branding needs. The customer referral program page you design will be completely mobile responsive by default.


Powerful referral rewards engine

Define an unlimited number of custom rewards like points, discounts, coupons, free services or anything else you can imagine. Set up rules that trigger awards based on customer actions like 1:1 and social sharing, number of referrals, number of conversions, amount earned from conversions. The platform automatically handles award triggers, communication and redemption. Design multi-tiered awards to give larger incentives to people who drive more referrals or conversions.


Social sharing features

Allow your customers to make referrals by entering their friend’s contact information. An automated referral marketing email is sent to the friend instantly. Additionally, your customers will also get a “unique sharing link” which they can share directly on social media, IM, or their entire contact list. This unique sharing link tracks referrals and conversions as well.


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Automated referral program messages

Setup the new referral marketing message, thank you message, conversion alert message, referral reminder message one time up front. Once setup, these messages will automatically go out during the referral and conversion process. These messages can be designed using our easy drag-and-drop email editor, completely branded to your requirements and personalized with customer mail-merge information.


Promote the referral marketing program

Promote the referral marketing program through all your channels using a unique shareable URL. Launch the program on your website using a simple pop-up or sidebar widget. Embed the referral program on your website or Facebook page with just a few clicks. Since the forms are mobile responsive, your customers can even open the forms on their mobile phone and make referrals on the go.


Measure and improve

Our detailed analytics reports give you a real-time view on how your referral program is performing. You can view referral statistics in specific periods of time to see trends on our automation software. Our referral marketing software will tell identify your best brand ambassadors, so you can do something extra special for them. Analyze how your referral marketing messages are performing, so you can optimize the content for better results.


Referral Marketing is the most cost effective way to build new customers. It’s helps you reward individuals who trust and understand your brand and are therefore referring your business to their friends.

Landing pages encouraging your customers to take action

Designing Successful Referral Marketing Campaigns

Strategic Planning: Be careful while selecting the specific group of customers who are likely to give referrals. Identify the right moments of time in their journey when asking for referrals.

Referral Rewards: It’s important to link your referral rewards to your business goals. Don’t just give random coupons or gift cards. Design rewards which are low cost for you but high impact for your consumers.

Low Friction: Make it easy for your customers to give you referrals. Don’t make them jump through hoops just to provide a referral. At the same time, make sure they give you genuine referrals and not bogus information.


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