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Automated Birthday Emails

Best way to use your collected data through email signup form is to create an automated birthday email campaign to go out for your customers’ or subscribers’ birthdays. With Firecart, it’s easy to schedule a Happy Birthday emails, along with a coupon or offers for people to redeem in your online shopping website or offline stores / restaurants etc.

Automatic Birthday Offers

Give your customers something to celebrate on their birthdays. Automatically send birthday offers via SMS or email. You will never have to maintain another excel sheet with customer birthdays again. Just setup the campaign, sit back and watch as your customers get wow’ed on their birthdays.

Automated Birthday Emails

Automatically collect birthdays

Building a good customer database is tough. We have made it extremely easy for you to collect customer birthdays. The tool automatically emails your customers every 30, 45, or 60 days asking them to give their birthday in exchange for a future offer. The data gets stored automatically in your database so you do not have to maintain any excel file anymore.

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