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Marketing Automation

Our marketing automation software offers you the capability & flexibility to target highly segmented audience across your marketing campaigns in order to increase revenue with minimum efforts.

Technology for modern marketing

Customer Referral Program Activity

Launch an automated incentive driven customer referral program from your website, email, social media and mobile device.

Engaging Registered Users Who Have Never Purchased

Are users browsing your website but not purchasing anything? Use this activity to engage those users who have registered but never made a purchase.

Discover Highly Engaged Users (Emails)

Discover users showing above average engagement with your emails. Any user that opens more than 3 emails and clicks on more than 2 emails get added to a special sublist.

New User Welcome Email Series

Welcome your new website registrants/users with a special series of preconfigured emails.

Abandoned Cart Reminders

Send a timely cart abandonment email. Use this activity to nudge your users with a personalized cart abandonment email.

Product Replenishment Reminder

Send a timely product replenishment reminder email to users a few days/weeks after their purchase.

Greet a First Time Buyer

Greet first time buys specially. This activity sends an automated email to users who have made their first purchase (total orders = 1) and adds them to a special “Active Users” sublist

Lead Capture on Website

Grow your email and leads database by adding a newsletter signup widget, an exit intent popup and sending an automated email response to leads who get captured.

Email Marketing Newsletter Activity

Compose beautiful email newsletters and save templates. Send unlimited emails to your customer lists.

Accelerate your sales funnel

Customer Feedback Collection Activity

Capture and analyze feedback from customers on your website, social media, mobile device and email.

Landing Page Creator

Launch beautiful lead generation landing pages in minutes to capture leads, notify staff and send email autoresponders.

Drip Marketing Acitvity

Send an automated series of emails at predetermined intervals to prospects and customers to nurture them and up-sell your products/services.

Newsletter Signup Activity

Capture Leads by creating a beautiful newsletter signup form using our simple editor.

Exit Intent Popup Activity

Capture leads, increase registrations by using our exit intent popup activity.

Birthday Activity

Send automatic birthday offers and wishes through email and SMS.

SMS Marketing Activity

Easily compose and send unlimited SMS messages to your customer lists. Auto-DND filtering included.

Start Segmenting your Customers