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    • Enterprise

    • $200.00/mo

      • 5000 Contacts
      • 30000 Emails
      • 100 SMS*
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    • Small & Medium Business (SMB)

    • $85.00/mo

      • 2000 Contacts
      • 12000 Emails
      • 100 SMS*
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    • Startup

    • $25.00/mo

      • 300 Contacts
      • 3000 Emails
      • 100 SMS*
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* SMS: 1 year validity, promotional route, valid in India only
* Overage charges applicable in certain plans. (-+ Rates)
Overage charges will apply at the following rates:

Additional Contact: $0.002/contact
Additional Email: $0.0025/email

Additional SMS: $0.0033/sms

Please note, this feature is not available for Free Trial & Startup plans. Learn more.

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Small & Medium Business (SMB)


Outbound Communication

Email Marketing
Newsletter Signup
Drip Marketing
SMS Marketing *
Landing Pages  
Referral Program  
Customer Feedback  
Birthday Offers  
Marketing Automation  
Exit Intent Popup  
Overage Feature (Rates)  
Dedicated IP Address      
Email Support
Phone Support    
Dedicated Account Manager      

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How many total contacts would you like in your Firecart account?

+ - Rates

For Contacts < 10,000: ${{convertPrice(extraCreditsCostPerUnit.custCredits.small) * 1000 | number:2}}/1000 Contacts
For Contacts < 100,000: ${{convertPrice(extraCreditsCostPerUnit.custCredits.medium) * 1000 | number:2}}/1000 Contacts
For Contacts > 100,000: ${{convertPrice(extraCreditsCostPerUnit.custCredits.large) * 1000 | number:2}}/1000 Contacts

How many total emails will you send monthly?

+ - Rates

For Emails < 10,000: ${{convertPrice(extraCreditsCostPerUnit.emailCredits.small) * 1000 | number:2}}/1000 Emails
For Emails < 100,000: ${{convertPrice(extraCreditsCostPerUnit.emailCredits.medium) * 1000 | number:2}}/1000 Emails
For Emails > 100,000: ${{convertPrice(extraCreditsCostPerUnit.emailCredits.large) * 1000 | number:2}}/1000 Emails

How many total SMSes will you send yearly?
(1 year validity, promotional route, valid in India only)

+ - Rates

SMS cost is $3.33 per 1000 SMS

Pricing Summary

Your Selected Plan

Base Plan

{{selectedPlan.title}} ${{selectedPlan.basePrice | number:2}}/mo
(Includes: {{(selectedPlan.baseCredits.custCredits == unlimitedCustCredits)? "Unlimited" : selectedPlan.baseCredits.custCredits}} Contacts, {{selectedPlan.baseCredits.emailCredits}} Emails, {{selectedPlan.baseCredits.smsCredits}} SMSes)

Extra Contacts & Emails

{{selectedPlan.extraCredits.custCredits}} Contacts ${{selectedPlan.extraCost.customerPrice | number:2}}/mo
{{selectedPlan.extraCredits.emailCredits}} Emails ${{selectedPlan.extraCost.emailPrice | number:2}}/mo

Total ${{selectedPlan.basePrice + selectedPlan.extraCost.customerPrice + selectedPlan.extraCost.emailPrice | number:2}}/mo

Extra SMS Credits

{{(selectedPlan.extraCredits.smsCredits > 0) ? selectedPlan.extraCredits.smsCredits : 0}} SMSes ${{selectedPlan.extraCost.smsPrice | number:2}}
(SMS credits expire in 1 year)

Your total for {{selectedPlan.planDuration}} {{selectedPlan.planDuration==1?"month":"months"}}:   ${{selectedPlan.totalCostWithoutDiscount | number:2}}
Discount applied ({{appliedDiscount}}%):   ${{updatedTotalCost | number:2}}

& one time SMS charge: ${{selectedPlan.extraCost.smsPrice | number:2}}

You have reached your {{purchaseErrorMsg}} limit for the month. Contact us if you have any questions.

Please select the plan duration.

Pricing FAQs

What does a ‘contact’ mean?

A contact is a unique email address uploaded into Firecart by you or captured through various landing pages. While calculating the pricing above, try to estimate your total contacts by adding your current database contacts and the number of contacts you expect to add in the coming 6 months.

What does an ‘email credit’ mean?

An email credit is consumed when you send an email through Firecart. The different ways in which Firecart sends email is through email marketing campaigns, triggered drip email campaigns, landing page autoresponders, referral program related messages, etc. While calculating the pricing above, try to estimate how many email credits would suffice your needs every month.

Why do I need to pre-pay for 6 months in advance?

Lets be realistic, any successful marketing activity takes a few months to show results. Our experience shows that our clients who commit to us for at least 6 months tend to be more successful in achieving their goals through Firecart. Ultimately, we care about your marketing success and this contract commitment helps us make you more successful.

What if I exceed my purchased monthly ‘contacts’ or ‘email’ limits?

You will get a notification when you are running close to your monthly ‘contacts’ or ‘email credit’ limits. You can then purchase additional contacts or emails to ensure you have enough credits for your growing marketing needs. If you exceed your limits without purchasing more credits, we will simply charge you an overage fee for the exceeded amount. The overage amounts are clearly mentioned in your dashboard.

Is my data safe?

Absolutely. Firecart is an international product built by a world class team that understands the value of your data privacy to you. We also know that your data belongs to you and no one else. The product is built with the industry leading security measures. We allow easy export of your data should you decide to close your Firecart account.

Can I cancel, upgrade, downgrade my subscription?

You can upgrade your plan and/or purchase more credits in your current plan anytime through your dashboard. You can downgrade your account anytime and we will simply apply the downgraded limits from the next month onwards. You can cancel and delete your Firecart account anytime.

How does the free trial work?

During the free trial, you get access to the ‘Startup Plan’ above which includes all Firecart features but with a few limitations on contacts uploaded and emails sent out per month.

What type of payment modes do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards.