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Case Study:

The challenge: Reaching the right target audience cost effectively

When we first spoke with team, they were looking for creative and cost effective ways to attract the right target audience to his website. Given the niche nature of the product, it was important to find and approach the right set of audience. Another challenge for a startup was to ensure that new customers are acquired in a cost effective manner.

The solution: Customer referral program

The team knew that the small but growing set of loyal customers will provide the right channel. They decided to work with the Firecart Marketing Platform to setup a referral program on the website to drive referrals from current customers. The teams brainstormed creative incentive structures that can drive referrals. We also decided to run a series of experiments to optimize the program for better conversions.

The results

After several experiments and tweaks to the program, the efforts seem to be paying off. Roughly 50% of the buyers on the website are now making at least 1 referral right after they purchase.
TheIndianBean-logo sources and provides single estate filter coffee online to coffee lovers. The company uses the Firecart software to run a Referral Program. sources single-estate filter coffee beans from estates in Kodaikanal and Coorg and then sells them online. The company was founded by Kunal Ross who was previously an advertising executive. The team is working hard at evangelizing the fine coffee culture in India and already has a loyal set of customers.

Key Results

50% of the buyers on the website making at least 1 referral

In their own words:

“We love working with the Firecart team because they seem to evolve and are keen to re-invent and make better, the approach and execution of a project or business.”
Kunal Ross Proprietor,