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Case Study: Signature Smiles

The challenge: Acquire new patients from right Target Group

Signature Smiles had made significant investments on newspaper advertising and magazines to get brand recognition. Due to the large scale advertising, they managed to generate a good number of impressions from patients. However, due to the extensive advertising, they were also perceived to be an expensive dental setup resulting in low conversions from impressions to number of patients getting treated.The team at Signature Smiles had collected tons of useful patient demographic data. They also had a good understanding of the variability in treatment desired by patients at the different centers across the city. However, they were not extracting enough from the knowledge and data they had captured about the patients to improve their marketing efforts.

They realized that the marketing ROI could be improved through innovative marketing channels. They needed to attract the the right target audience and drive greater conversions.

The solution: Marketing Data Analysis & Referral Program

We helped Signature Smiles identify the root cause of low conversions to be the case of mass advertising without necessary segmentation and targeting. Using patient data collected over a two year period and our proprietary marketing data analytics algorithms, we helped Signature Smiles identify two key patient clusters/segments based on demographic and behavioral characteristics they should spend their marketing investment onIn addition to data analysis for better targeting of their marketing campaigns, we also helped them launch an automated referral program. The referral program would provide them with a great way to generate word of mouth publicity from their most brand loyal patients. This would also provide them with a way to generate interest from the right audience profile for relatively lower additional investment.

The results

Signature Smiles has seen great results from the Data Analysis and the Referral Program run at their dental clinics. They are looking at creative ways to use the segments and clusters information to better spend their marketing budget & are evaluating ways to convert patients in these segments to be their brand ambassadors.The referral program at the dental clinics has been a runaway success and has resulted in very high conversion rates (from being referred to actually getting treated) at the clinics ranging from 66% to 92% across the different centers

About Signature Smiles

Signature Smiles is a premium dental care chain which uses Firecart to run a patient Referral Program.
Signature Smiles is a premium multi­specialty dental care setup in Mumbai providing all types of dental treatments from cosmetic dentistry (such as implants, smile makeover) to general dentistry (root canals, cavity fillings). Signature Smiles has in a very short time made a name for itself in the dental care space in Mumbai and has been exploring innovative ways to acquire new customers.

Key Results

60%+ Conversion rate
50x ROI on the Referral program

In their own words:

“We now live in a competitive world. For every company its visibility to the masses and subsequent growth is its utmost goal. So its become a norm for every company of all fraternities to market themselves through E-commerce, media or other means of promotional activities. But as a Dentist I believe that a word of mouth referral still beats all of the above. Word of mouth referral accompanied by the benefits of e­comm becomes all the more efficient and rewarding. The Firecart Referral Program Software has helped us acquire new patients with incredibly great efficiency. Patient loyalty and satisfaction have also gone up. The team has been very responsive in helping train our staff and also ensuring a successful program roll out. The insightful patient data analysis they provided helped us understand our target audience much better. Follow­up was achieved more effectively i personally feel thankful for this system to have helped me grow myself and also the company. Thanks”
Dr. Kakul Head Dentist, Signature Smiles