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Case Study:

The challenge: Email engagement not great, no holistic lifecycle engagement of customers

When we first spoke with team, they were looking for creative and cost effective ways to improve their email program engagement, improve customer segmentation, target customers with the right lifecycle messaging, and grow business through referrals. The company was using a popular email marketing software, but there was no easy way to segment email users based on various characteristics, no concept of lifecycle messaging and of course no way to capture referrals. Carts were being abandoned and there was no easy way to bring these people back to the website. Using multiple disjoined software was not a great option due to the lower cost effectiveness and higher management overhead of multiple platforms. They needed a solution that acts as a holistic customer lifecycle marketing platform which engages their customer automatically based on their stage in the lifecycle funnel.


The solution: Complete integration of Firecart into LocalBanya’s platform


The Integration:
Using a combination of Firecart API’s and the integration code provided by the software, the system was completely integrated into Localbanya’s website and backend dashboard.


Email Marketing & Segmentation:
The team first started running their weekly email newsletters through Firecart. The system allowed the marketing team to segment audiences based on their engagement levels with the email (opens, clicks, etc). This allowed the creation of various segments of customers, which were then utilized for different campaigns down the road.


Abandoned Cart & Lifecycle Automation:
A quick “automation rule” was set up on Firecart which allowed LocalBanya to send a reminder to abandoned carts after a few hours, attempting to bring back the lost customer. Additional automation rules were created to send targeted messaging to specific types of customers (lapsed customers, first time registrants, etc), thus allowing LocalBanya to completely automate many tasks were were earlier happening manually or not happening at all.


Birthday Offers:
A special campaign was set up to send personalized wishes to customers on their birthday, thereby helping increase loyalty and brand recall.


Referral Program:
A complete referral program was launched capturing referral leads from the post-purchase thank you page. Incentives were designed to ensure customers refer many friends and both the customer as well as their friends get rewarded.


The results

After several experiments and tweaks to the program, the efforts seem to be paying off.

  • Abandoned Carts: 30% open & 5.5% click through rates in the abandoned cart emails
  • Referral Program: 20% additional new leads generated & 4% conversion rate to paying customers
  • Email marketing: 12% improvement in email open rates & 13.5% increase in email click through rates

This is in addition to benefits like:

  • Better audience targeting due to demographic & behavior based segmentation
  • Ease of use of managing multiple marketing campaign from a single dashboard
  • Improved customer loyalty due to birthday wishes
About Localbanya
Localbanya-Logo-e1424156337795, Mumbai’s first online supermarket provides customers high quality products in a quick, convenient manner. The company is growing very fast and aspiring to expand to several cities across india. The company engages with its audience using a well defined multi-channel digital marketing mix.

Key Results

30% of abandoned carts re-engaged
20% additional new leads generated
12% improvement in email open rates

In their own words:

“Since beginning our association with Firecart, we have explored more types of email marketing campaigns and deeper customer segmentation & targeting than we were able to previously. In terms of specific improvement in numbers, we have seen approximately a 12% increase in open rates & 13.5% increase in click rates. Re-marketing campaigns have helped us in better targeting.”
Amit Naik, Co-Founder @