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Case Study: AVI Healthcare

The challenge: Email list quality & low engagement rates

AVI considers email marketing as a key aspect of its lead generation and lead nurture programs. The team constantly sends relevant product and company news to its email list. The goal is to keep prospects engaged with the brand and generate actual sales orders from periodic email newsletters. The company’s email marketing list comprised opt-in email addresses collected from various sources like the website, social media, and industry events. However, the list was “dirty” as many of the email addresses were invalid or old. This led to severe deliverability issues. Emails would bounce or land in the spam box. This also meant AVI got low email engagement from actual prospects.

The solution: Data cleanup, deliverability analysis & email marketing

The AVI team evaluated several email marketing solutions and then chose Firecart as a preferred solution. A key for choosing Firecart was the fact that Firecart is an all-in-one software and not just an email marketing tool. Also, the team got attracted to the data cleanup and deliverability analysis solution offered by Firecart. Using proprietary tools, the Firecart team trimmed down the AVI email list to addresses which were valid and active. The Firecart software also helped AVI fix deliverability issues as all major authentication and digital signature protocols are followed (DKIM, SenderID, etc). Finally, the easy to use email marketing editor helped AVI quickly create and send beautiful email newsletters that actually landed in the inbox.

The results

After switching to Firecart, the AVI team achieved the following results:
65% reduction in bounce rates, 2X increase in open rates, 1.5X increase in click through rates

About AVI Healthcare

AVI Healthcare manufactures medical equipment. They use Firecart to power their Email Marketing program.

AVI designs, manufactures, and markets medical equipment that treats premature and newborn infants. AVI, formally Delta Medical Appliances, was established in 1983 with the vision of providing quality healthcare in India at affordable costs. Delta has consistently focused on quality control systems through industry quality certifications and processes.

Key Results

65% reduction in bounce rates
2x increase in open rates
1.5x increase in click through rates

In their own words:

“Firecart software is easy to use and a marketing platform which is not just restricted to Email marketing like other conventional solutions available on Internet. Digital Marketing is a must for all Modern companies and Firecart forms an important part of this”
Chirag Gala Managing Director, AVI Healthcare