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Case Study: Abhinav Institute

The challenge: Leads lost on website, difficulty in lead follow up and management

The AITM team was struggling with high bounce rates from their website and users leaving without filling out any contact forms on the website. The team felt they needed to ensure they have a good lead capture mechanism in place on the website in order to ensure they follow up with students and prospects on a timely manner. Additionally, AITM gets leads from several sources like partner portals, Social Media, events, inbound interest, and more. They used Excel to maintain leads and in the process many were lost. Leads calling in to the phone line were never captured in a standardized system.

The solution: Lead capture using landing pages, drip campaigns, and lead management system

The AITM team adopted the Firecart Marketing Software as it provided a single common place to capture and manage leads and other marketing programs. The team implemented several lead capture hooks throughout the website. The software allowed AITM to assign specific personalized follow up options for leads captured from each website hook. Using drip campaigns, the team was able to assign specific follow up sequences to leads from specific sources. Finally, all leads from various sources are stored in a single common system of record, making lead management a breeze.

The results

With the Firecart, AITM was able to achieve a 3X increase in leads being captured from the website. Manual lead follow-up work has reduced 40% as leads are being automatically dropped into drip sequences. The captured leads were categorized neatly in a single marketing dashboard, allowing the team to follow up easily and quickly
About Abhinav Institute

Abhinav Institute is an education services provider which uses Firecart’s Landing pages and Drip marketing tools.
The Abhinav Group of Institutions is a widely recognized educational institute in the state of Maharashtra, India. It has achieved significant success in its initiatives (both Formal and Informal Systems of Education) to realize the dream of providing quality education. AITM is leading training provider for various Universities. AITM offers academic coaching support and practical training to students enrolled in these institutions.

Key Results

3x increase in leads being captured from the website.
40% reduction in manual lead follow-up

In their own words:

“We were struggling with lead generation and nurturing activities through manual and offline processes. Students found us on many online sources but we did not systematically capture and nurture them until they are ready to sign up with us. After evaluating popular CRM systems we found Firecart to be ideal for our marketing needs. We now run several campaigns through the tool and also have a central database to manage our leads.”
Prof. Atul Kharche Marketing, Abhinav Institute