As a business owner you are always focused on acquiring new customers. This is an obvious important goal for your business, no disputing that. However, you might be ignoring some simple ways to drive sales and loyalty from your current customers, who are arguably your most valuable source of revenue.

Here are some interesting stats.

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A simple campaign you can run is what we call “Birthday Offers”. Setup an automated email + SMS message that goes out to your customers 4 days before their birthday. Include a personalized message and coupon offer in this message (hint: Figure out a way to automate the offer insertion in the message).


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Your customers will love the timely offer and are very likely to bite on it (7x more likely, to be precise). Keep the following in mind when designing your birthday offers program:

Give them some time before and after the birthday to redeem the offer. They have more important things to do on their actual birthday, so don’t force them to use the offer on the important day.

Be direct, mention the offer right away in the email subject or body. It won’t look cheap. In fact, the clearer your message, the higher the likelihood of them using it.

Ask for sharing. Your customer will be delighted by your offer, you can capture this enthusiasm by allowing them an easy share option so they can brag about your gift on their favorite social network.

Make the offer substantial. It should appear like it’s not their regular run of the mill “Winter Sale”. Make it a good one so the customer remembers it for long (and tells his or her family and friends all about it).

And finally, keep it simple: Ideally, make it a single offer for all your customers so you don’t end up spending too much time or effort managing the program. Automate as much as you can using marketing automation tools so you can run this program at scale.


Check out our Automated Birthday Emails Campaign, which help you run a birthday offers program in a super easy manner.

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