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I have been asked by a lot of our customers about the best day and time to send out emails to their customers. Hence, I decided to look at the bunch of emails that get delivered from our software as well as do some secondary research from various online sources.

Here are a few key takeaways from the analysis:


Best Day of the week?

Most email marketing activities happen during the weekdays. Primary research by several email marketing companies reveals that a majority of the emails are sent out on Tuesdays and Thursdays. However, a performance of these email campaigns varies significantly based on the type of business you have.

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B2B Business? Prefer weekdays but avoid Mondays.

B2B businesses tend to see a better response when their emails are sent over the weekdays & a relatively poor response to emails sent over weekends. Your customers are generally reading business emails only at work & you want to reach out to them while they are in office.

Monday is considered as the worst weekday to send out the email newsletter as people have tons of emails in their inbox already and do not want to spend time on an offer or additional reading material. Research by the web marketing group reveals that Thursdays tend to show the best response for B2B businesses in terms of open and click-through rates.


B2C? Lower opens on weekends, but worth experimenting!

However, in the case of B2C businesses, there is a lot more flexibility. Although this graph is a general representative of all emails sent, it still gives a good perspective of the overall performance of email marketing activities across the week.

While it is important to note that email open rates are lower on the weekends, your email promotion also has lesser competition on the weekends compared to the weekdays.

Hence conducting a couple of email marketing activities over the weekend as an experiment could be worth it.

Best time and day for email campaign

Best Time of the day?

B2B Business – 11am-4pm is a good time.

You want to pick a time when the B2B recipient has cleared his morning backlog of emails and is able to follow up on new emails landing in the inbox. Emails sent during the day in such cases tend to get better responses.


B2C Business? Experiment with evenings.

A couple of years back, most emails used to be read after 12 pm and before 8 pm. However, with the changing technology & increase in tablets & smartphones (today 48% of the emails are viewed on mobile & this number is rising), email consumption habits have evolved as well. Increasingly, people have started reading more emails after 8 pm and earlier in the day as well.

I suggest you do a split test where you send the same email to half of your list in the morning during working hours and to the other half later in the evening around 7-8 pm and notice the difference.


Best time of the Year?

While email marketing activities are conducted throughout the year, it is noticed that the best results (highest open and click through rates) are obtained during specific periods of the year in a case of B2B and B2C businesses.


B2B? Target the budget review period of your recipient.

As a B2B Business, knowing the budget review period of your recipient can really help in getting a better return on your email marketing activities. By sending targeted mailers to your clients – segmenting them on their ‘budget review’, you will notice a really good response.



B2C? Do not miss out on the festive periods and the year-end!

It is a well-known fact that customers love to shop during festive seasons. Different countries have periods of really high activity (example: The US has high shopping activities around Thanksgiving and Christmas in December, India has higher shopping around Diwali in October/November). It is in the best interest of an email marketer to make the most of such opportunities to increase ROI.

Although I have given some general suggestions on the best periods of the day and week to do email marketing, there is no one right answer to – what is the best time to send out the email newsletter.

The performance of the email newsletters varies significantly across industries and is also directly proportional to the quality of your lists (opt-in vs. acquired), content and the frequency of the mailers. With consistent sending patterns, focus on good content and willingness to experiment and notice trends, you will definitely be able to narrow down on the right day & time to send out the newsletters to your recipients.

Export the results of your newsletters from your email marketing software and compare the performance of the newsletters for a particular weekday. Identify what works well for you.

We would love to hear from you what days & times have worked best for your email marketing activities!

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