Your email marketing database reduced by about 24.3% every year. As a marketer, it’s our responsibility to make sure that you are regularly adding fresh & active contacts to your email marketing campaigns. If you’re not maintaining your list of email addresses then you are running out of some really important business ideas, here are few simple tips to grow your email marketing database list.

Maintain Email Marketing Database List

Do not buy email and phone number lists: Purchased lists tend to have a high percentage of bogus, invalid and badly formatted contact data. It is far better to have fewer but relevant contacts than a large list of “bad” customer records. You will also have more SPAM complaints from people on bought lists, which affects your “sender score”. Worst, you do not want to get stuck in a SPAM trap, which is an email address thrown in to your database just to tag you (the sender) as a SPAMMER.

Ask for user permission when collecting data: Users who have opted in voluntarily to your communication are far less likely to mark your content as SPAM or unsubscribe at a later date. Such users are also more likely to open your emails and actually read the content. Only collect contact data from your real customers, leads/prospects, social media fans, employees, and other relevant stakeholders to build a powerful email marketing database.

Maintain a single central customer database: Most businesses tend to maintain several lists of customer data. Over time, these lists diverge and at some point it becomes impossible to consolidate all these customer lists. Spend time early on to setup the right customer database/CRM systems (even if it’s simply your email marketing software). The piece of mind that comes with a single, consolidated, clean, up to date customer list is well worth the upfront effort.

Monitor bounces, bad email addresses and other issues closely: Most popular email marketing providers give you handy reports which tell you the email addresses that bounced as well as the addresses which are badly formatted. Spend 15 minutes every week to go through your customer database and fix these minor issues. It’s really not a lot of effort but the result is a great improvement in your open rates, click through rates and overall contact database health.

How to Grow Your Email Database

Using Emails
Creating Unique & Shareable Content: You should create unique & noticable email content to keep your subscribers active. Subscribers can forwards such emails to their friends, family or office colleagues which are not in your email list. Encouraging your active email subscribers to share your emails by including social sharing buttons for making it viral.

Online Contest: Promote and online contest based on any event like free giveaway coupons or some free goodies. Such contest helps to collect active email addresses with proper details.

Converting traffic from every sources: Adding a link to your employees’ signatures that helps lead to divert on landing pages where you create an opportunity for a lead to sign up for your email newsletters list.

Using Social Media

Using Facebook & Twitter for collecting emails: Promoting a lead generation program on twitter or facebook for free resources to your followers that requires email address to redeem. Taking them to the landing pages & Thank you pages to encourage your leads and share offers. Adding a call-to-action sign up button on your Facebook Business Page will help to connect with you via social media platform.

Collecting emails to LinkedIn: Publish links to gated offers on your LinkedIn Company Page or in appropriate and relevant LinkedIn group discussions.

Use Pinterest to promote offers that require email sign-up: Firecart have created a Pinterest board where anyone can pin a impressive covers for marketing ebooks. From such boards, we are able to generate new leads and grow our email database list.

These are few tips to get start doing today to boost your company’s email database. As you grow your email database with fresh, opt-in active contacts, you’ll be able to nurture them that easily convert in sales ready leads.

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