Email marketing is alive and kicking and with over four billion email accounts in the world, it is a valuable marketing asset that cannot be ignored. While one can make an argument that email marketing depends solely on the content included; however, this is not the case. Email marketing is not just all about the content, but also depends largely on how it is executed. Deliverability, click through rates, lists, testing, segmenting is now commonly used lingo when we talk about email marketing. Email marketing is now more of science than just the art of good content. Try our Email Marketing Automation Free for 30 Days.


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So what is the science behind email marketing? Let’s have a quick look at a few practices which ultimately drive the success of any email initiative:

Compatibility with mobile: With 38% of email now opened on a mobile device, against 33% for desktop and 29% for webmail, compatibility with smart phones can be one of your key drivers to boost open rates.

Make sure it’s the right time to send: Based on a survey by Mail Chimp, weekends have notably higher Click Through Rates while early mornings and late evenings are also considered a good time to send.banner-market-email

Your list is your best friend: If your list starts to show a higher percentage of undelivered messages, email providers will start flagging you as a spammer. Keep your list clean, trimming and maintaining regularly depending on circumstances. Tips on building your list and tips on maintaining a clean list.


Testing: This is one of the most important aspects of this marketing technique. Before you send your email, make sure you test using each of the big email service providers. There is nothing worse than realizing after sending the email that it has either been dumped in the spam folder or your layout has been messed up. Also cover your bases with a plain text option for every email.

Design gives a good first impression: First impressions matter in life as they do in the email marketing space. One of the biggest reasons customers pay attention to an email is its design. Try and use visuals, it could be a photograph added to your signature, your business logo, just about anything to add more interest and earn some attention.

Keep subject lines short: This can be explained better with the example of the Obama fundraising campaign. The President’s team tested hundreds of subject lines, with the most successful subject line – ‘Hey’ – bringing in millions of dollarsin fundraising. We can safely say the concept that ‘Less is more’. Content may drive the internet, but it doesn’t improve email performance. Tips on writing great subject lines.

Make it easy to subscribe and unsubscribe: Both of these should be quick and easy to do. A very long subscription form may scare people off while a difficult unsubscribe policy might just annoy your subscribers, making them flag your email as spam.

Put in the right links: Make sure your email has the obvious links which are noticeable as the main purpose of the email is to drive traffic to your page or website. It’s best to add one clear call to action button or link in your email.


Be innovative: With attention spans so limited and you being given just a few seconds to portray your message, it is necessary to stand out. Even if you have many competitors, there should be something about you and your email that stands out and makes the customer choose you.

Segmentation: Segmenting your email marketing lists helps you get better open and click rates. You are able to reach your target group thus making your campaign more relevant.

These tips will hopefully make you think that there is a lot more to email marketing. A well run email marketing campaign can grow your customer base and increase customer loyalty.

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