By now, many of your 2014 digital marketing campaigns must be well on their way. Savvy online marketers know that digital marketing campaigns bring results if the traffic generated is directed to a well targeted landing page or website.

Your website is the central piece of any digital marketing campaign.

Therefore, it is essential to ensure your marketing website has all the right elements in place. Ensuring your website is done right has multiple benefits which directly impact your revenue.

  • A well structured and content rich website tends to rank well organically on Google
  • A good website converts a high percentage of visitors into leads or buyers
  • A good website leaves your users with a lasting positive impression about your brand

We recently re-did our own marketing website and have seen significantly better conversions on our website since the re-do. So we decided to pen down our thoughts about the basic website building elements into a simple and easy to follow checklist.

If you are re-doing your website or creating a new one, use this checklist as a guiding document as you work with you website design agency.

Some of the elements covered in this checklist are:

  • Keywords & Content
  • On-page SEO
  • Mobile responsive
  • Call-to-Action and Lead Capture
  • Page load speed
  • Social media
  • Analytics and Tracking
  • Browser compatibility

Download a copy of this super easy to follow checklist and take a printout. Then stick it on your office desk so you have it handy while working on your website project.

Know anyone else who might find this website building checklist useful? Share it with them too.

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