8 Tips for Creating Effective Email Subject Lines

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How Inbound marketing strategy can generate more leads to your Business

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[Feature Launch] New support section, pre-built email templates, sublist operations, and more

We’re back with a slew of new feature updates to the Firecart – eCommerce Marketing Automation. 1) A BRAND NEW SUPPORT SECTION We believe in empowering our users with everything they need to find success with our product. Clicking on … Read More

[Feature Announcement] New features in Email Marketing, Landing Pages, and Automation

We’d like to announce a host of new features and upgrades on the Firecart All-in-One eCommerce Marketing Software. As always, a majority of these changes came directly from your feedback. So do keep the good feedback coming. EMAIL MARKETING: Save your … Read More

[Feature update] Introducing date based marketing automation

Today we are excited to announce a new Date Based Automation feature in the Firecart eCommerce Marketing Automation Software.   What is Date Based Automation? This feature allows you to trigger automation rules based on any date field in the … Read More

Launching Live Activity Feed feature & Campaign Cards on Firecart

At Firecart, we are on a mission to change the way businesses run marketing campaigns. Marketing in today’s world requires real time data so you can make smart decisions about campaign investment and the roadmap. Today we are launching a … Read More

What is Integrated Marketing Platform?

A customer’s value to your business is not just the revenue he brings to you but also how much he engages with & talks about your brand with his family and friends. In today’s world of internet and social media, … Read More

WOW Your Customers with Automated Birthday Emails

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