It is tough to run a small & medium business in India (or for that matter anywhere in the world). Competing with the bigger established firms is tough as they have a lot of money to advertise themselves and also use expensive technology tools that help them reach out to masses easily.

As a small & medium business owner, you have limited resources in terms of money, technical expertise & time. Hence, it is imperative that you focus on the right set of customers and manage the money spent in acquiring each customer well.

Follow the simple steps explained in this slide deck to get started with data analytic.

Marketing Data Analytics will help you make the most of the data that you collect about your customers and will provide you detailed insight into your customer’s behavior. RFM, LTVC and Segmentation/Clustering are simple analytic techniques you can execute independently in a short amount of time that will start showing results quickly.

Marketing Data Analytics are a low cost, highly effective way for you to gain that competitive edge and achieve a better bang for your buck.

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