Twitter has been growing steadily over the past years. As per’s Twitter’s SEC disclosures before its IPO, there are over 232 million monthly active users on the micro blogging service. Thats a huge number and one that you as a marketer cannot ignore. Twitter has now gone mainstream and there is a lot to be gained by being active on twitter.

Tips to use Twitter for Lead Generation

Despite these numbers, Twitter is not suited for every business. If you are confident that your target audience is on Twitter, then here are a few ways you can generate leads from there:

Strategize and plan

You need to decide your goals, your target audience, your content sources, and finally how you will measure success. Having a simple but scientific plan in place will help you keep the Twitter lead generation engine rolling in the right direction.


Get inspired

Look at which of your competitors are on Twitter and what they are doing. Make sure you differentiate your Twitter activity from theirs by adding your brand personality to your content. There is also nothing wrong with learning from their best practices to implement in your own Twitter activities.


Get the right tools

There are many tools out the twittersphere for mentions of your brand or keywords related to your product or service. For example, consider using Monitter or Tweet Grid. You can also considering using a look like Hootsuite which helps you manage all your social accounts from a single place. All these tools make it possible for you to get a lot more out of Twitter for your business.


Complete your Twitter profile

Make sure your Twitter profile page is complete and has a clear crisp description of your product or service. The logo and the description you use on your profile will help potential leads get attracted to your content.

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Engage influencers

You will find some key influencers who are active in your target audience. You must engage them by retweeting or replying to their tweets. Further, follow these influencers and over time, they might follow you back too if you post good content. This will help you acquire new Twitter followers and potential leads.


Post frequently and post well

Be regular with your tweeting. A good healthy frequency will help you get more reach. Also, don’t tweet just for the sake of it, make sure your content is relevant and useful for your audience. Nothing turns off your target audience more than untargeted and low quality content.


Engage your clients, partners, employees

They are on Twitter too, engage with them by following, retweeting, and replying to their posts. They will reciprocate and that will help you reach a better audience.


Consider Twitters paid products

Use Twitter’s business products to promote your company and your content. This is a quickest way to achieve reach, although it will cost you. Good luck generating leads on Twitter.

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