You have built a beautiful website and have a great product to offer to customers. You are doing all the necessary SEO/SEM & SMM activities to bring a lot of traffic to the website. However, several folks visit your website, surf the content and then leave. Since you did not have the right hooks in place for the visitor to drop his contact information, you just lost a potential lead.

There is a very simple way to fix this. You are missing out on a key armor in your digital marketing strategy – having high conversion landing pages on your website. Use easy landing page creator software that allow you to keep experimenting and close in on a high conversion landing page quickly with minimal technical help.


Six basic ingredients of a Lead Generation through Landing Page

Main Headline

Two things to keep in mind while designing your headline

Keep it short yet informative enough for someone to view the message/video on the page.

If someone has come to this page, looking for ‘Best Dentist in Mumbai’, conversions will be significantly higher if the heading says something similar & not a more generic ‘Best Healthcare center in India’.



This is the section on the page where you have the best chance to convince the visitor to drop his/her information. You need to give a compelling reason why visitors should drop their contact information.

You could offer a Free Demo or Beta Access to your product; offer a special consultation for your services, educational content – guide, white papers, etc.

Images and videos that align with the central theme of the page tend to convert really well. Stats and numbers are also good ways to increase visitor interest.

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Lead Capture Form

Keep it simple for users to drop in their contact information. Ask only for relevant information. Generally, the lesser the fields; the higher the conversion. Having said that, make sure you collect all the basic information you need to classify the lead as high/low potential.

Make sure you have the necessary validation for the fields, so you catch accidental mistakes by visitors. Also, ensure you get a notification the moment someone fills this forms and submits. You want to keep track of how the form is doing on a real time basis and reach out to potential leads.


Strong CTA

Although only a small part of the page, Call-To-Action buttons can be the single biggest factor between a high conversion landing page and a not so successful one.

The colors used, text & size of the CTA can all significantly affect the performance of the page. It is recommended that you use a slightly bigger sized button and place it above the fold (visitor should not have to scroll down the page to view the CTA), to ensure higher conversion rates with the CTA.

Lead Generation form

Social Proof (Client success stories)

Social Proof is one of the most high impact mode of persuasion. Humans by nature are wired to follow actions taken by others. Use this section to highlight success stories of your customers. Include testimonials of a couple of your clients.

This is a great trust building exercise, makes the visitor not want to miss out on something several others are finding value in -> eventually generating a lead for you.


Social Share options (Make the page go viral)

Social media is huge today and is one of the best channels for generating traffic to your website. Giving simple share options at the bottom of the landing page, increases its share-ability and subsequently generates more leads.

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Additional things to keep in mind for the ‘ideal’ landing page

Is the landing page mobile friendly? A very large number of your visitors today are viewing your website and landing pages on mobile. Nearly 74% of people are more likely to revisit a website, if it opens well on a mobile. 67% of people are more likely to buy on your mobile friendly site; however 61% will leave to another site if the page does not open well on mobile.It is clear that having mobile friendly landing pages is “no longer a good to have; it is a must!”

Is your landing page SEO optimized? Make sure you have the basic on-page SEO in place for your landing pages. These include title for the page, Meta keywords & description, mobile friendliness. Google penalizes slow loading web pages, so make sure your landing page loads quickly.

Stay consistent in your communication across the landing page as well as in the email notification.

Although, you may take all the above steps in designing the landing page, you may still not see the numbers you would like. Keep experimenting and testing your different landing pages. Getting a landing page to convert can be time consuming, but it pays off really well. 

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