At Firecart, we are on a mission to change the way businesses run marketing campaigns. Marketing in today’s world requires real time data so you can make smart decisions about campaign investment and the roadmap. Today we are launching a couple of features which help marketers monitor campaigns in real time.


Live Activity Feed

On your Firecart dashboard, you will now see a real time activity feed which shows how your customers are interacting with your campaigns live. If you have just launched an email marketing campaign, you will see live updates on open and click through rates. If you have launched a customer referral program, the feed will show you which of your clients are referring and who are they referring. Similarly, the feed shows you campaign engagement across all your other marketing campaigns.

Firecart Login Page

Campaign Cards

On your Firecart dashboard, you will see marketing campaign cards update in real time. These cards provide you a summary of how your latest campaigns are faring. You can dig deeper into each campaign by clicking the little chart icon to the bottom right side of each card. There is also an “Overview” card which shows your the total number of customer records you have as well as the number of marketing campaigns you are running.

Firecart Dashboard

Do give the Live Activity Feed and Campaign Cards a try and let us know what you think about these.

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