A customer’s value to your business is not just the revenue he brings to you but also how much he engages with & talks about your brand with his family and friends. In today’s world of internet and social media, as a marketer or a business owner, it is very difficult to manually reach out to your customers through the various channels. As a result, most business owners shy away from engaging with their customers through this plethora of digital channels and are in fact losing out on an opportunity.

Customer Referral Program

A majority of business owners like you are able to build loyalty due to very good customer service & great product offerings. However, a fewer number are able to generate referrals & an even smaller number are able to maintain customer engagement due to significant time and monetary constraints. It is this customer engagement which can really boost the ‘Share of Wallet’ of the customer at your business.

The main reasons listed out by business owners for not pursuing digital marketing actively are:

1)   I am so busy in my daily activities. How do I find time to market across so many digital channels!

2)   Understanding so many technologies is very difficult. I do not have an IT guy in my team.

3)   It is very expensive for a small player like me to market to so many customers.

4)   I don’t even know if the marketing is working for me. Does it really work?

An Integrated Marketing Platform provides a great way to interact with your customers in an easy and scalable way. It addresses the issues listed above about managing complex customer relationships, technology difficulties, pricing and does a lot more. See why an Integrated Marketing Platform is so useful today to a business owner and marketer.

7 reasons why an integrated marketing platform makes sense from Canvass All-in-one Marketing Software

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