Marketing idea

You are a small business.

You are trying to market online.

You are struggling to start with an action plan that actually brings results at low budgets.

Fear no more, here is a simple list of marketing ideas that will get you going on a low budget.

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Idea 1: Build a website

Build a simple but good looking website using a Content Management Software like WordPress. WordPress offers several ready templates you can use to launch your website. Make sure the template you pick is mobile-responsive so your website looks great on all devices.

Small Business Marketing

Idea 2: Register for classifieds and local merchant websites

Register for classifieds websites like JustDial, Craigslist. Yext and Yelp. There are also industry specific listings websites which help you reach your micro-target audience. Register for as many listings websites as you can find.


Idea 3: Write a great ‘How-to’ document for your target audience

Pick a topic which your target audience is struggling with and one which is somewhat related to your product or service. Write a 10 page PDF document which provides instructions on how to solve that particular problem. Call it something like “The definitive guide to {solving this problem}” and publish it on your website and social media. It will work like a charm to attract new prospects and leads.

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Idea 4: Register your business on social media

Create your Facebook company page, Twitter profile, Google+ business page, and LinkedIn company page. Post a few updates, industry news, photos on these pages on a weekly basis. Make sure to invite everyone in your network to follow you social media pages so you have a solid audience to start with.


Idea 5: Offer discounts for customers that share on social media

Create a landing page on your website which offers people 10% off your service / product if they share your company on Facebook or Twitter. This is a great way to reach new audiences fast and inexpensively.


Idea 6: Get reviewed by bloggers and media

Make a list of the top 10 bloggers and journalists who write about your business area. Send them an email asking them if they’d write a review of your product/service. Offer them a free version or trial period so they don’t hesitate to write about you. Some will say no, some will say yes.


Idea 7: Publish case studies, success stories, testimonials

Pro-actively ask your clients for testimonials, feedback, reviews. Religiously publish these success stories on your website so your visitors build trust in your brand. Promote these success stories in your personal networks and social media pages as well.


Idea 8: Comment on forums & other blogs

This helps improve your SEO rankings. Respond to discussions in your subject area happening on popular forums, blogs. It works great to improve search engine ranks and lead inflow.


Idea 9: Improve your website SEO structure

After building your basic website, take the next step and improve your natural search rankings by tweaking your website SEO structure (images, text, link structure, etc). Use Google Webmaster Tools to help you along the way.


Idea 10: Run referral programs

Referred customers are much easier to convert and have a higher lifetime value to you. Incentivize your current customers to refer their friends and family to your business in exchange for a reward.


Idea 11: Stay engaged with your customers using regular email newsletters

Run an email marketing campaign to keep your customers and leads informed about your products, services, company news, offers, and more. Its an inexpensive and easy way to communicate with your target audience.

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