Inbound Marketing Strategy“The best way to turn strangers into potential buyers and supporter of your business.”

Definition: Inbound Marketing is the process of engaging the attention of potential buyers and makes the company easy to be found, via content marketing, it’s one of the most effectual ways to convert strangers into customers for your business.

You’ve possibly heard about inbound marketing strategy, or even the term “content marketing,” and you’ve wondered – Is this right for my company growth?

Applying Inbound marketing strategy can actually help me generating more leads to my business and how?

Absolutely, generating new visitors on your website and getting potential leads is only half the battle. We help you turn these potential leads into customers, and your customers into evangelists and advocates of your brand leading to more referrals and subscription.

What is Inbound Marketing?

“Inbound marketing is about creating and sharing content with everyone. Creating relevant content according to your business can attract your potential customers, inbound helps to attract more leads to your business and they keep following you back for more.”

Major Topics:

Creating targeted content that helps potential leads’ and customers’ basic queries and concerns, then share that content on various social platforms.

Lifecycle Marketing – Supporters start promoting and become a voice as strangers, visitors and customers. There are various marketing tools and actions which help to modify those strangers into brand advocates

Personalization – As you learn more about your potential prospects, you can personalize your messages according to their specific needs.

Integration – Creating content, sharing and real time analytics tools works together and permits you to concentrate on broadcast the right content in the right place at the right time.

At its core, inbound marketing is about creating informative and even engaging optimized content and sharing it across different social platforms, and help them to convert into prospective customers.


The Inbound Marketing Methodology

Inbound Marketing Method

Attract :

We are not looking to attract any visitors to website. We want to attract relevant and potential visitors that are precious for business. As consumers constantly do online research to get the best in the market. Even your competitors are having online presence.

Need something more to attract the right users to your website. The most important tools are:

1)   Blogging – Inbound marketing starts with blogging. Creating unique and relevant article is the best way to attract potential visitors to your website. You must create informative content that helps to solve their queries.

2)   SEO – As your customers starts their research and buying process online through search engine. You need to make sure you are visible whenever or relevant keywords they are searching for. With the help of SEO, it helps to target keywords accordingly, optimize your pages, create content and link building around the terms your potential leads are searching on various search engine.

3)   Social Sharing – Successful inbound strategies are all about unique content and sharing on social platforms allows to engage with your targeted audience. Start interacting on the social networks where your prospects spend their time.



Optimizing landing pages and compelling calls-to-action button will help to convert visitors into prospective leads. Gathering contact details from such landing pages are the most valuable as an online marketer so we offer them unique content in exchange for it. This includes eBooks, whitepapers, infographics etc.

Some of the important tools in converting visitors to leads include:

1)   Customer Form – Visitors must fill the form and submit their information in order to become a potential lead. Optimizing such forms will help to make this process simple.

2)   Calls-to-Action – CTA buttons or links encourage visitors to take action on the website. Examples : Download or Register Now.

3)   Landing Page Creator – This will help to create a creative and attractive optimized landing page for conversion. When a website visitor clicks on a CTA button, they should be sent to a landing page to submit their information, so that in future to begin with a conversation with them.

4)   Contacts – Keep track of the leads you’re converting in a marketing database. Having all the contact details in one place will helps you to monitor the interaction you’ve had with your contacts through any channel.



Now you have attracted your targeted audience and converted into prospect leads, but now you need to converts those leads into customers. With the help of tools like lead scoring, lead nurturing etc, you’ll then work to converts those leads into new customers.

Closing tools include:

1)   CRM –  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) keeps tracks the details of all the companies, contacts, pipeline and helps to get connected with your potential lead at right time.

2)   Closed-loop Reporting – Integrating with your CRM enables you to analyze your which marketing efforts are bringing the best leads.

3)   Email Marketing – Email marketing strategy helps to share relevant and useful content with prospect to build trust and help to become customers.

4)   Marketing Automation – This process involves creating email marketing strategy and lead nurturing to the needs and lifecycle stage of each lead.



The inbound marketing can be used as a secret weapon to increase your referrals and subscriptions. Once they become a potential customers, keep sharing informative content and help them to know more about your products or services.

Tools used to delight customers include:

1)   Smart CTA – Creating smart Call-to-action buttons or links depends on buyers persona and lifecycle stage analysis.

2)   Smart Text – Offer your contact with unique content strategy according to their interests, which will help to achieve their goals and even introduce new products or features that might be of interest to them.

3)   Social Monitoring / Online Reputation Management – Listen your customers’ queries, comments – and reach out them through emails with relevant content.


A New Methodology – The Inbound Methodology covers customer’s lifecycle stage traveled through from stranger to customer. It authorize marketers to attract visitors, convert to leads, close customers, and delight supporters. The new methodology accepts that inbound marketing just don’t happen, you do it.


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