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How do you transform a Facebook business page to make it an integral part of your brand communication?

The Cover Photo and Profile picture are default slots that help you achieve this in a very basic way. Brand logos, taglines and visuals associated with the brand happily occupy these prime yet limited spaces.


Why a Landing Page on Facebook? Why clutter Facebook with what can be dealt with on a website?

A static Landing Page on Facebook is no longer an option after the mandatory Timeline format was implemented by Facebook, couple of years back.

After having been ousted out of its very prominent spot, the Landing Pages Creator has now relocated (with all humility) to the Custom App Tab along with the default tabs – Photos & Likes.

Very simply put a Landing page on Facebook helps to add the missing links which may otherwise only be found if a visitor were to go to your business website. More often than not users tend to explore a brand and its presence on Facebook and may not always follow it up with a final stop at its website.

With a Landing Page at your disposal you can help the visitor connect the dots without having to leave Facebook.


What could these possibly be?

  • Additional details and Images highlighting the essence of the brand.
  • The fact that your brand has a dedicated Newsletter and they could sign up for it.
  • Links and feeds to other Social Media pages – Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest.
  • Promotional offers, Coupon/ Discount /Promo Codes and special sign-ups
  • Unique programs/services exclusive to your product or service.
  • Ingenious ways (free offers, deals) in which to get people to like the page.


And all of this within the realm of Facebook.

The Landing Page is also very much a part of the entire sales pitch with which you are hoping to lure in your leads. The brand identity and its voice are easily communicated with this prop, in support of what you stand for. All of this can be achieved with any of these key elements –

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Animation
  • Typography
  • Forms
  • CTAs

Since you could go crazy customizing, here are a few ‘You Shoulds’ and ‘You Should Nots’ that will ensure your valuable social leads turn into actual conversions –

Clean & Bold design, devoid of clutter is important to get the message across.

Consistency, both visually and in the written word is a must so that the visitor is able to relate and recall the brand’s message.

Diversity in this case could kill the message and most likely overwhelm the viewer. Limit the fields in a sign-up Form to only the ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY ones or else you may end up getting NO INFORMATION at all.

Prominent Call to Action (CTA), conveniently positioned above the fold to ensure that a conversion is not prevented because the visitor could not locate it in the first glance without having to scroll down.

For users who wish to design and implement their very own Landing Page without having to consult a web design expert, the following Facebook apps make it possible with a variety of options on offer –

Fan Gate – A fan gate aka “like gate” is an option designed to convert visitors into fans by compelling them to like the page. Thus liking the page provides access to offers and freebies which are otherwise not visible to visitors who are not fans, if the fan gate option is selected. This option is mainly used in the form of contests which can be entered only with a like or the option to view a video or download an ebook or audio file also with a like.

Image – This is app gives you the option of uploading images (from any source) to add to your Landing Page and hopefully garner likes on the same.

Image Plus – This one takes it a step further and lets you add a title, description, URL and an Image. With the URL option the visitor can be redirected to the website.

Static HTML – As the name suggests this one lets you create a Facebook Landing Page by replicating the HTML code of the page you wish to display as your Landing Page on Facebook. This app also gives you the option of configuring YouTube, PayPal and Location (Google Maps), each of which are stored as independent templates.

Form – This app is available as part of ThunderPenny (third party software) and other similar landing page tools. It helps replicate your website Lead capture forms with the use of HTML code.

Promo/Coupon Code App – A very useful app that helps you create discount codes and is accompanied by a URL on which visitors can avail of the said discount.

Third Party tools which facilitate the designing of a landing page on Facebook include Woobox, ThunderPenny etc amongst others. And of course, you can also build a great Facebook landing page from the Firecart.

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