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From time to time, we look through the analytics reports and fish out our best performing blog pieces. These are articles we wrote a while back, which resonated well with our audiences and attracted a ton of readers to our blog. At Firecart, we are passionate about writing high quality, in depth marketing articles. Without much ado, lets take a look at our 5 top performing blog posts:

5The basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The modern marketer cannot ignore SEO as it has become one of the most central pieces of your online marketing mix. With search engines driving tons of traffic to websites ranking high on their search results, its critical to get your SEO strategy right. This piece covered the basic principles you need to put in place to get going with SEO. It covered discussions on On-Page SEO, Google Authorship, Blogging, URL Structure, Mobile Optimization, Load Time and Off-Page SEO topics like Link Building, Social Media, and Social Bookmarking.

4Designing a Facebook Landing Page for your business

Facebook has grown leaps and bounds as a tool for digital marketers. With paid and organic marketing options available on Facebook, today’s marketers are increasingly trying sophisticated campaigns on the popular social network. One such tactic being employed is to launch Facebook landing pages. These are single purpose, conversion optimized landing pages which open up as a tab on your business page. This post covers the steps required to design and launch a Facebook landing page.

3The ABCs of Referral Marketing

Every savvy marketer will tell you that the best source of new leads if referrals from existing customers. Referral leads tend to convert into customers faster, tend to have a longer lifecycle, and also spend more on average with your product or service. Its sort of obvious for you to exploit referral marketing in your business. Read this post to understand the basics of referral marketing, how you can structure the program, and the ways to measure its results.

210 effective ways to generate leads from LinkedIn

Any B2B marketer will tell you that LinkedIn is probably one of their most important marketing channel. LinkedIn’s value lies in the fact that it has kept tight control over its feature set, and ensured that only professionals get on the network. This blog explores the various ways in which you can generate leads from LinkedIn. For someone getting started with LinkedIn marketing, use this as a blue print for your first few weeks and months of LinkedIn marketing.

15 tips for writing impactful email marketing subject lines

Your email marketing program’s success depends on several factors, some of which are within your direct control and some of with are only indirectly in your control. One such important factor is your email subject line. Getting the right subject line together will go a long way in ensuring you get high open rates. Fortunately, there are several simple things you can do to improve your subject lines, like ensuring its a certain length, using action oriented words, and more. We hope you find these 5 gems useful towards your marketing goals. Do leave a comment below or on the individual blogs telling us how you used the points discussed in these blogs.

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