Marketing Software Winner 2016

Here at Firecart we are really happy to reveal the news about our product winning two prestigious SaaS awards after a review from FinancesOnline, a popular SaaS directory and review platform. The experts working for their review team prepared a detailed analysis of our software and tested Firecart in a wide range of situations and applications. In the end, they were pretty impressed with our software and gave it a very positive score in their evaluation. As part of the Firecart reviews prepared by their team they praised the features and customer support provided by our software and our team. As a matter of fact, the team liked Firecart so much that they distinguished it with their 2016 Rising Star Award. This award highlights the fact that Firecart is becoming more and more popular among people and companies interested in an efficient marketing automation service. It also shows that Firecart’s position on the market in 2016 has significantly improved.

FinancesOnline review panel pointed to several features they found really neat, including the ability to effectively segment and target your leads and make sure that no leads are lost and our flexible referral marketing system which allows you to set up custom awards and auto-trigger rules based on various criterias. The software’s automation tools also help you lower the workload of the marketing staff and management, enabling them to focus on their key goals.

Firecart was also revealed as the winner of the 2016 Great User Experience Award for the top marketing software category at FinancesOnline. This award is a clear sign that Firecart is a solution which offers a very intuitive experience with fast implementation and an interface employees can master in no time.

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