Howdy folks, some useful features have been added to the Firecart dashboard. Here is a list:



All your emails (newsletters, drip emails, landing page triggered emails) can now be configured to have specific individual “From Name” and “From Email Address”. For example, you may want to have your ebook signup auto-confirmation from “” while your newsletter signup confirmation from “

You can now add all basic customer fields as well as any custom variables you have configured into your Email & SMS messages. This gives you a great way to add tons of automated relevant content in your marketing communication.


Mobile & SMS

We automatically handle larger mobile numbers and reduce the number to 10 digits. So, if your customers prefix their mobile number entry in your forms with “0” or “91” or “+91”, we automatically standardize all entries to the right 10 digit format.

Different countries have different laws on what time of the day promotional SMSes can be sent to consumers. We have started accounting for these time periods for India (to start with). So, any promotional SMS sent out will only be sent between 9 AM and 9 PM IST.

Custom URL

Email Editor

You can now enter non-english characters into our mobile editor. Helps those among you who want to send emails to non-english speaking audiences. Our email editor can handle these characters seamlessly.

Copy-pasting content from a website or a Word document is better handled now. The formatting of the original content is preserved to a good extent. We still recommend re-checking your content and formatting once it’s pasted into the editor.


Dashboard UI

Searching for customer records or campaigns on the dashboard has gotten easier with our new search results UI. There is pagination to help you scroll through a large set of results. There is also a separate tab to distinguish customer results from campaign search results.

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