We have released a major update to the Firecart All-in-One eCommerce Marketing Software. Here’s a recap of the new features:
SMART FORMS – save time while filling forms


When filling out a landing page form, it is often unnecessary to ask the user to fill in the entire form. You may already have a customer record with most of the user’s information already populated. Asking the user to re-fill this information will take more time, cause frustration and ultimately lower conversions.


Smart Forms helps you fix this problem. As soon as a user enters their name, mobile or email in the form, the rest of the information gets pre-filled in the form. The user only needs to update the fields which are not filled in and hit ‘Submit’.
Some use cases for this feature:

  • Customer information lookup directly from the browser instead of logging into the dashboard.
  • Provide a check-list a user needs to complete over a period of days.
  • Have your front desk staff automatically pull up a customer’s information by using their email, name or mobile.
  • Ask people to download an e-book or sign up for an appointment by simply entering their name, mobile or email address.
  • Create internal workflow forms to improve your staff’s productivity and accomplish tasks faster.



You can now add background images to landing pages. This allows you to create stunning conversion optimized landing pages.
Here’s a sample:

landing page


With this new landing page widget, you can track conversions of your AdWords campaigns resulting in form fills. Simply enter your conversion tracking code into this widget on your thank you page or post-form confirmation page.



Our new landing page drag and drop functionality makes it super easy for you to move widgets and blocks around the landing page design. This feature helps you save time as you design new landing page templates for new campaigns.



Its easy to personalize your uploaded HTML email templates. Simply enter the personalization tags inside your HTML code and upload the code into Canvass. Our system will automatically replace these tags with the customers actual information while sending out the email newsletter.



We have new API methods available for you to sync your contacts between your website and Canvass. This allows you to create automated workflows based on your users submitting your website forms. Also saves you time as you don’t have to manually upload contacts into Canvass anymore.

Do send us your feedback about all these new features. Remember to use our Support Portal to answer any questions you may have while using the product.

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