We have released 2 major highly requested features today.

Email Scheduled

Email Scheduler:

You can now schedule your email newsletters to go out at a specific date and time in the future. This opens up a lot of possibilities for you:

  • Save time by composing your next few newsletters in advance
  • Create your holiday greeting emails in advance so you can set it and forget it

The option to schedule your email shows up on the final step of the “email marketing” campaign creation flow, which is the ‘Send’ step.

Once an email has been scheduled, you can still make changes to its design, target sub-list, as well as send date/time.

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Upload HTML Email Templates:

Those of you who use external HTML tools to compose your newsletters can now easily upload your HTML templates into Canvass easily. The HTML and image files need to be zipped up into a single ZIP file and uploaded into the software. The screenshot below shows you where in the email creation flow you can find the HTML upload option.

We hope these new releases make your email marketing processes even easier and quicker.

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