As we saw you using our older landing page creator / designer, we realized there were way too many inefficiencies. We saw tremendous scope for improving your user experience by making it simpler yet more powerful. So we went back to the drawing board and came up with a fantastic new re-design of our landing page designer. Here is a summary of the main changes:

A cleaner UI

Landing page 1Now, when you design your landing page from scratch, you will see a clean slate. The widget options shown earlier have been moved to appear only on the user’s request, like in the “Add stuff” section below.


Add stuff

You can now add widgets to your page using the “Add Stuff” context aware option that shows up when your mouse hovers over a page section.

Landing page 2


Add page section

We have now given you a way to add multiple column layouts as page sections so you can design pages which start with 2 columns, then 1 column, then 4 columns and so on. The idea is to let you build your page in bits and pieces and allow you to build complex layouts easily. This layout also makes the page extremely mobile responsive so your page looks great on screens of all shapes and sizes.

Landing Page Creator

Here’s a sample layout created with 2 columns, then a single column, and finally 4 equal sized columns.

landing page 3

New Previews

All our landing page templates are mobile responsive by default so you do not have to worry about tweaking code to make your page look good on different devices. To help you visualize how your page looks on different devices, we now show you previews on desktop, tablet, and mobile sized screens. Here is a sample:

Lanaing Page 4

New styling options

You can now add some great styling to individual blocks of content on your landing page. Want your form to pop out like in the screenshot below? It’s possible now.


Landing page designer

More templates

We have added 5 new templates that you can re-use for your landing pages. Simply pick a template, change the content and launch your page. Its that easy.

We hope your find our new landing page designer useful, user friendly, and powerful enough for any design you can image.

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