Today we are excited to announce a new Date Based Automation feature in the Firecart eCommerce Marketing Automation Software.


What is Date Based Automation?

This feature allows you to trigger automation rules based on any date field in the customer’s record. For example, here’s one scenario it helps you accomplish:

“30 days before a free trial end date, send an alert to me and add the customer to a new sublist”


How can you use this feature?


Membership Reminder: Send a renewal request to a customer 7 days before their membership expiration date.

Pre-tour nurture: Send a series of helpful articles to a user to prepare for an upcoming trip which begins in 7 days.

Special day wish: Automatically send a birthday and anniversary wish to a customer on their special days.

Send an automated birthday email Now!

Check out these illustrations to understand the use cases better:


Case 1: Upcoming customer account renewal date

Marketing Automation

Case 2: Automate actions before and after a client vacation/tour date

Marketing Automation Software

Similar to the other marketing automation features, this feature allows you to change customer field values, add/remove from sublist, start a drip campaign, send an alert, and many more actions based on a customer date value.


Where can you find this feature on the Canvass dashboard

Create a new rule from the “Automation” tab.

Under the “Conditions” menu, you will find a “Customer date based condition” option. Select that.

Pick which customer date field (birthday, anniversary, or any custom date field you created) you want to trigger this rule on.

Configure what actions you want happened when the date rule triggers and you are done.

Sit back and watch as our system automates your marketing workflows and internal processes around the customer’s relevant date.

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