We’re back with a slew of new feature updates to the Firecart – Marketing Automation Software.

1) Superior Email Editor

Based on the feedback we have received from all of you, the Canvass Email Editor has undergone lots of changes & several new features have been added.

Add background colors to your blocks & a border to your email.

You can now add a different background color to an entire block of your email. Start differentiating & highlighting sections of your email & achieving even better results.


You are also able to add a border to your email & specify its color under the themes section. Also, for specific blocks in your email where you would like to have margins at the corners, you can now use the padding option available at a block level.

Copy your email blocks – Using a quick copy option on your blocks on the email (text/image/etc.), you can recreate multiple blocks for your email in no time.

Place multiple CTA buttons – A lot of you have asked us for the flexibility of adding more than one CTA next to each other. Now you have the choice of having up to 3 CTA buttons next to each other. Now for every product you highlight, have a distinct CTA block in your email.



2) Review your emails (Preview ++)



We have added a whole new dimension to previewing your emails. You can now have an in-depth review of your email before you send out. Avoid the common spelling errors, broken links & broken images in your emails. In fact, we will also warn you if your email contains words that are often considered spammy.


3) Custom Domains for your landing pages


Landing pages work & work even better when they are visible on your own domain. We have now added a way for you to easily add landing pages on your own custom sub-domain (www.yourwebsitename.com/your-landing-page). By going through a one-time setup activity, you will have the option to pick the sub-domain that you would like to use to host the page. Go ahead, try it out and let us know if it helps.


4) Receive real-time notifications from Canvass landing pages

A lot of you are using Canvass landing pages and have often asked for a way to get that notification back so that your contact lists remain synched on the website & on Canvass. We hear you! We have now added a whole new Notifications engine to send out instant notifications from Canvass to your third party applications.


Under the Real-time notification section, you are now able to set the link where you would like to receive an instant notification when someone fills your Canvass landing page.

You will find a couple of help documents at the following link to set this up – http://firecart.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/folders/1000206597

5) New referral & landing page templates


As with every update of ours, we have added new referral & landing page templates to the landing page template gallery. As with all our templates, this template is also fully mobile responsive by default.

6) Miscellaneous updates

  • We are now exporting a lot more information in customer reports
  • In-app navigation has been updated to reflect the new set of changes
  • Several minor performance updates and bug fixes

We hope you find these new features and updates useful. Do let us know your thoughts on these features.

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