We have added more marketing love to Canvass recently with powerful feature launches. Here is a summary:


A new interactive tutorial

You can now take a quick interactive tour of the software and its main features. This is primarily useful for first time users of the product. The tour will start by default for new users. Existing users can start the tutorial from under the “Help” menu on the top right drop down.

Customers Field

Automation to set a customer field

You can now set a customer field on a particular customer record to a specific value through automation rules. Essentially, this enables a use case like:

If lead opens more than 3 of my emails, mark the lead as “Hot”.

If a customer submits a landing page form, set lead follow up status to “follow up required”

customer field Automation

Drip marketing details

You can now see more details about each drip marketing campaign message. You can see which customer has opened/clicked on specific messages. The report is similar to the detailed reports you are used to seeing with the Email Marketing reports.


Clear formatting in email editor

A “clear formatting” option is available on the email editor. This makes it easy for you to copy/paste content from outside applications like Word, web pages and strip it off any formatting elements so you can re-style as per your requirements.
We hope you find these new features useful in your marketing processes.

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