1) Advanced Search

Marketing is all about perfectly segmenting your audience & contacts & then targeting them better. With the all new Advanced Search functionality on Canvass, you are now empowered to do exactly that. This feature gives you a way to do intelligent filters on Canvass based on demographic & behavioral information enabling you to spot patterns & quickly act on this to generate revenue.


Filter by demographic, purchase & behavioral attributes: We have made special efforts to make the search intuitive & aligned to the way a marketer thinks. For example, I would like to find out all the contacts that have purchased from me, have spent more than Rs. 5000, opened more than 5 emails and have referred more than 3 people. Here is how advanced search would allow you to do just that –


Once you have been able to filter the contacts, you can add these contacts to specific sublists, remove them from your account or export them to an excel file.



2) List Level Analytics (Its all about segmenting & tracking)


We have added a whole new dimension to analyzing your emails. You can now have an in-depth review of how your emails are performing with your different lists. All of us know that the same email (with a particular type of content) will not work the same way across all your entire contact list. List level stats gives you an easy way to identify what lists are finding which of your emails useful & what lists are not engaging with your emails at all. Stop spamming everyone on your list & identify which list of yours is ideal for a particular product, up-selling opportunity, earning referrals & more.

3) Autosave your email templates


Email marketing is not easy! Building a good looking, high-conversion email takes a lot of time & thought process. After having spent a significant amount of time working on your email, when you are just about to save the template, your internet connection falters or your computer crashes & you end up losing all your changes. We have added a new feature that will now come to your rescue. We now auto-save your changes to the email templates frequently, so you always have the option of recovering lost updates if such a problem does occur.

4) New email & landing page templates


As with every update of ours, we have added new email & landing page templates to the template gallery. As with all our templates, these templates are also fully mobile responsive by default.

5) Miscellaneous updates

  • Have made several improvements to the dashboard to improve the speed of the application. We have had nearly 30% improvement in speed across the application over the last few weeks. This activity is ongoing & will continue to form an important focus area.
  • Increased support for custom variables in your emails. You can now embed your custom hyperlinks inside your email editor CTAs. This marks a significant improvement opportunity for abandoned cart emails & a bunch of other automation emails.
  • Minor email editor enhancements, several performance updates and bug fixes

We hope you find these new features and updates useful. Do let us know your thoughts on these features.

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