We’d like to announce a host of new features and upgrades on the Firecart All-in-One eCommerce Marketing Software. As always, a majority of these changes came directly from your feedback. So do keep the good feedback coming.


Save your custom colour theme:

Most of you re-use the same colour theme in your frequent email newsletters. This is done to give your readers a sense of consistency and brand association. To make this easier for you, we have launched a new feature which allows you to save your custom colour theme for later reuse. This option can be seen as “My Theme” under the “Themes” tab in your email editor. You can create and save up to a total of 8 custom colour themes.


Add personalization to subject lines:

Want to send an email to John with the following personalized subject line?

“John, we have a special product offer designed for you”

It’s now possible with subject line personalization. Simply add a personalization tag to the subject line in the email editor to add personalization. Here’s a helpdesk article with all the details on using this feature.



Background images:

Now add a stunning background image to your landing pages, to make them stand out even more.  We recommend adding a background image of at least 1280×720 pixels size. To see a sample of this feature, head over to the landing page templates and preview the new “Launching Soon” theme. Background images can be added by clicking on “Style” for the target landing page block/section.


You wanted a way to create stunning landing pages which occupy the entire width of the browser window. You can now find this option under the “Page Width” link on the Landing Page editor. A page can either be full width or occupy 90% of the page width, your choice. The full width option is particularly handy when adding a background image to the page, as shown in the previous paragraph.


We’ve added a brand new “Launching Soon” template which allows you to capture email addresses for a new upcoming launch. The template is conversion optimized to remove all distractions and direct the user’s attention to the email entry field of the template. This template also allows you to see the background image feature in action.

landing-pages software


New landing page analytics reports:

The analytics section for Landing Pages now shows you a lot more information to help you understand the performance of your landing page. You can now see:

  • Number of Unique Visitor and Total Conversions
  • Unique Visitors and Conversions over Time
  • Sources of your Unique Visitors
  • Unique Visitors by Device (Mobile vs. Desktop)
  • Unique Visitors by Geography (country-wise map)

landing pages final


Analytic reports for Automation Triggered Emails:

Have automated emails configured to out on when an automation rule triggers? You can now see how those triggered emails are performing in terms of reader engagement (opens, clicks, etc). Head over to the Analytics tab and click on the “Automation Email Report” tab on the left. Select the automation rule which you would like to analyze to see email engagement statistics for that particular rule.

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