Free Course: 7 Days to Email Marketing Campaign Success

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[Feature Updates] Personalization, Mobile & SMS, Non-English Characters

Howdy folks, some useful features have been added to the Firecart dashboard. Here is a list:   Personalization: All your emails (newsletters, drip emails, landing page triggered emails) can now be configured to have specific individual “From Name” and “From Email … Read More

Top 4 Effective B2B Lead Generation Ideas

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[Feature Announcement] Email Marketing Editor Upgrades

Our clients have consistently given us feedback on how we could improve our email marketing campaign experience. We are happy to announce a major upgrade to the email marketing tool today. Here’s what got updated: Three new blocks: You can … Read More

Launching Live Activity Feed feature & Campaign Cards on Firecart

At Firecart, we are on a mission to change the way businesses run marketing campaigns. Marketing in today’s world requires real time data so you can make smart decisions about campaign investment and the roadmap. Today we are launching a … Read More

Marketing Data Analytics – The Future of Marketing Success

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Overview of E-Commerce Industry in India

Some quick statistics: 140 Million Internet Users – estimate number to reach 348 Million by 2017 (Source: Cisco) Number of transactions is currently 10 million and is expected to reach 38 million by 2015 28% of travel gets booked online, … Read More

What is Integrated Marketing Platform?

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WOW Your Customers with Automated Birthday Emails

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