[Feature Launch] Superior email editor, custom domains for landing pages & more

We’re back with a slew of new feature updates to the Firecart – Marketing Automation Software. 1) Superior Email Editor Based on the feedback we have received from all of you, the Canvass Email Editor has undergone lots of changes … Read More

[Feature Announcement] New features in Email Marketing, Landing Pages, and Automation

We’d like to announce a host of new features and upgrades on the Firecart All-in-One eCommerce Marketing Software. As always, a majority of these changes came directly from your feedback. So do keep the good feedback coming. EMAIL MARKETING: Save your … Read More

How to Create Facebook Landing Page for Business

How do you transform a Facebook business page to make it an integral part of your brand communication? The Cover Photo and Profile picture are default slots that help you achieve this in a very basic way. Brand logos, taglines … Read More

How A/B testing can Improve your Website Conversions

The word ‘test’ always conjures up some level of anxiety. Especially since every test is followed by results. With conclusive outcomes, indicating if what was tested is a success or a failure and if the same needs revisiting. With the … Read More

[Feature Update] landing page designer and new templates

As we saw you using our older landing page creator / designer, we realized there were way too many inefficiencies. We saw tremendous scope for improving your user experience by making it simpler yet more powerful. So we went back … Read More

9 Tips to Optimize Your Website for Lead Generation

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Tips to Improve – Content, CTAs, Testimonials, Headlines

For any website to increase its dwell time beyond the first impression (visual appeal), the content, its placement and the tone used become very important. Place your Contact Number on the Home Page It may seem unnecessary, especially since most … Read More

Lead Generation through High Conversion Landing Pages

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