This should not come as a surprise to anyone really. According to a recent survey by Ascend2, B2B and B2C marketers tend to vary quite a bit in how they value different marketing strategies.

Email Marketing (B2C: 58%, B2B: 63%) seems to dominate among marketing plans. An interesting find is the recent uptick in how B2B marketers value Content Creation (second most important at 42%). Organic SEO takes second place for B2C marketers (39%).


In the following chart, we see how B2B and B2C marketers rate the various challenges they face in their companies. Budget, as expected, seems to be the greatest challenge. Surprisingly, Formulating a marketing strategy, is ranked rather low on this chart.


When asked to rate which tactics marketers find most difficult to execute, the results are very insightful. Agencies and marketing technology companies will find this data very useful as they go about solving their client’s challenges. Social Media Marketing, Content Creation and Conversion Rate Optimization rank as the top 3 most difficult marketing activities to execute.


Data Credits: The survey was performed by Ascend2. The detailed report can be found at this link.

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