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With more businesses going online every day, you have to pay close attention to your website and how you can use it as a lead generation engine. The good news is that with a few proven techniques, you will see amazing results in terms of leads coming in from your website. Here are some proven ways of generating more leads from your website:


A prominent contact number or email

Make sure your business phone number is prominently displayed on several pages of your website. If you prefer people contact you by email or a form, then include a link to the contact form or your email address on every page.


Use multiple lead capture forms throughout the website

You have two types of visitors on your website – ‘those ready to buy today’ and ‘those who will be ready sometime down the road’. You need to use different mechanisms to capture each of these. For example, your educational content (blogs, whitepapers, ebooks, etc) will help you capture the prospects who need to be nurtured before they become ready to buy. Conversely, website forms which offer ‘free demo’, ‘free consultation’, ‘contact us’ will help you capture the audience that is ready to buy today. Get started with Lead Nurturing Software


Display client case studies and testimonials prominently

Success stories and testimonials from real clients help build social proof for your product in your website visitor’s eyes. They are likely to at least inquire with you because others have seen success with your product or service. Make sure you capture and display this information prominently on your website.


Build trust by showing organization memberships, accreditations, trust seals

Are you part of well known industry associations, trade groups, charitable organizations? Show their logos on your website. Similarly, if you accept online payment, show proof that your shopping cart is secure and they can use their credit card without fear. Also, if you ask people to fill forms, give them a clear link to your privacy policy which shows that you will not sell their data to any 3rd party.

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Drive the audience from all pages to a few coherent end-goal pages

Define 1-2 clear goals for your website. Is it to sign people up for demos? consultations? Once you have defined the goals, make sure that you drive your website audience to these goal conversion pages from other page of your website. Think of your website pages as a funnel. Your goal should be to drive people from the top of the funnel (all pages) to bottom of the funnel (specific goal conversion pages).

CTA Button

Use call to action (CTA) buttons and text

Strong and clear call to action language and buttons will make people take the desired action on your website. For example, “Sign up for a free demo” is clear and strong. Other examples include, “Contact us for a no obligation quote”, “Get a complimentary consultation today”. There should be clearly visible CTA buttons on your website driving people to your goal conversion pages.

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Communicate clearly on your homepage how you can help

Make a complete stranger review your homepage for 30 seconds. Then ask them what they understood from the home page. You will discover glaring issues in your copy and design which are inhibiting you from communicating your message. Your home page needs to clearly state what you have to offer to the audience and why they should bother spending 3 extra minutes on your website.


Publish educational content

By creating blogs, articles, whitepapers, ebooks and other useful educational content, you are increasing your chances of reaching your target audience and bringing them to your website. Good content gets shared and ranked high on search engines. Make sure the content is useful and not too sales’y. If nothing else, at least publish blogs regularly.


SEO for your website

Implement the basic SEO guidelines like unique meta titles, descriptions, image alt text, header text, etc. Google’s Webmaster Tools is a fantastic free tool that helps you fix SEO errors on your website. Use it regularly to ensure you have your SEO basics handled. Good SEO practices will ensure your website’s content gets found in organic searches.

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