A quote in a leading national magazine says ‘Marketers favor email for its effectiveness in acquiring customers and nurturing prospects’. In fact, according to statistics 35% of email recipients open their email based on the subject line alone. Interestingly for businesses, people who buy products marketed through email spend almost 140% more than people who did not receive any promotions through emails. Try Email Marketing Software Free for 30 Days.

This shows us how important an email subject line would be to acquire new customers. Use the following tips to get attention and improve your email marketing open rates:

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Keep It Brief: Concise and specific is how it should be. Between two and seven words is ideal as longer subjects make the email sound less credible according to researchers. A key point to note is that smart phones usually show only the first 20-30 characters of a subject line and with almost 80% of smart phone owners using their device to read email, (Adobe – 2013, Digital Publishing Report: Retail Apps and Buying Habits), this point cannot be ignored.

Avoid Spam Terms: Words such as free, credit card, advice, debt, and reminder are some of the most commonly used spam words. Also do not use too many exclamations or capital letters.

Express Yourself Clearly: You should have a clear idea about who the reader is and what is in the email for them. The subject line represents in some ways your relationship with the reader; it could be someone whom you have just met, known in the past or a relationship that is in the dumps. Try and develop an affinity with your customer.

Think Outside The Box: Thinking outside the box can have a powerful impact on your readers. Using humour or catchy headlines can increase your open rate. Repetition is something which can easily lose your target audience and your open rates will decline with each email.

Localization: It has been found that using geographical information in the subject line can help increase open rates. This is especially important for small and local businesses. Small businesses had some of the highest open rates in a 2011 survey (15.9%) according to an email marketing metrics report.

Looking closer to home, email marketing gets a very small percentage of the marketing budget in India – average 6% of the total marketing budget according to a survey by Experian and DMAI. India is thus ripe for email marketing as a nation whose internet user base has jumped almost 16% in a year, and is expected to cross 150 million by the year end (report by Internet and Mobile Association of India).

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