Its that time of the year. We are all looking back to the year that was and how our business has evolved over the year. You faced many challenges and overcame them successfully to make good progress. As you look back, what is the one key asset that you have generated? I bet most of you will agree that the biggest value you generated is those valuable customer relationships. Relationships are painstakingly built and require constant nurturing to ensure they flourish to their maximum potential. Here are some ways in which you can nurture those precious relationships with your brand advocates:


Say thanks :-

You can say it in whatever manner you want. Send a thank you email, a card, a box of chocolates. But say thanks to your clients, customers, partners, and especially your brand advocates. Try hand on Lead Nurturing Campaign Software You will be surprised how far a thank you can go. Thank you


Help them with something or connect them with someone :-

Like you, your clients are also working hard to grow personally and professionally. You can help them by connecting them with an important contact, referring them to a partner, sending them a useful book, introducing them to someone in media/PR, referring them to a tradeshow or event or telling people in your circle about their product/service.


Give them a preview of your product plans and involve them :-

Give your brand advocates a special view into your product roadmap. Let them have a vote in which product feature you will develop next or how you will tailor your service to individual requirements. These brand advocates are more likely to remain loyal to you if they feel involved. They will appreciate your openness.


Recognize them :-

Find a way to gracefully recognize your brand advocates in the public. Name them on your social media pages, put their photo up on your wall, announce their name in your company meetings. Be mindful of their privacy preferences in doing so though as some people may not want to be named openly.
Client relationships require constant nurturing and that requires careful attention to detail. As you work hard to win new business, do not forget those trusted old contacts who vouched for you and were by your side when things were rough. At the end of the day, business is also very personal.

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