email marketing and its benefits to your business

It is widely accepted that email marketing software generates higher Return on Investment compared with most other direct marketing channels. Let’s get down to how to build your email marketing list.

Build, Buy or Rent? :-

The easy route to enhance your email marketing list is to buy or rent one from a data vendor. But would you trust the source of these emails lists? More importantly, how do we know that these people are really interested in your email content? The emails sent to them will probably end up in the Spam folder or generate Spam complaints and unsubscribes. Build your email marketing list through an ‘Opt-in’ method and interact with prospects who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

Omni-present sign-up:

Once you drive traffic on your website don’t make it difficult for prospects to hunt for subscription options. Ensure an email opt-in option is present across all pages of your website.

Subscribe with KISS – Keep it Simple & Sweet:

‘KISS’ when attracting new subscribers by making it simple to sign up by asking minimal information like name, email address, subscription preferences.

You are safe with us:

State clearly that “Your email address will be used by us only to send emails for what you have subscribed for”. Provide customers the reassurance that their email id is safe with you and you will never sell or rent their information.

What’s in it for you? :-

Who doesn’t like freebies? Sometimes the deal needs to be sweetened by providing a good incentive to subscribe besides just good content. Offer instant discounts, eBook downloads, promotional codes – something which your prospects will value.

Is your content worth sharing? :-

Content that is interesting and relevant to read enjoys higher page views when shared with family and friends. Encourage customers to forward the email to friends or upload the link on their Facebook/Twitter page by including social sharing links in your email.

Social Networking sites:

Everyone today is registered with one or more social networking site. Moreover, people who are subscribing to your updates are following you as they like what you have to offer. Your Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook updates should also talk about added benefits of signing up for your email newsletter.

Click and win:

Would you not like lady luck to smile upon you? Contests have always been around and have a magnetic pull to draw crowds to participate. Expand your email subscriber list by having customers participate in your online contest with easy subscribe options.

Search Engine Optimize (SEO):

Increase your website visibility by editing and coding the content of your email to specific keywords related to your area of expertise. Leave the rest to the search engines to generate additional traffic to your website and perhaps opt-in to subscribe.

Not just Digital:

Publicize your domain name and email address on all traditional media including advertisements, flyers, direct mailers, brochures, catalogues, visual merchandising, POS etc encouraging customers to subscribe.

Trade Shows:

Networking during trade shows to promote your business has an additional advantage of collecting prospective subscribers into your database. Don’t forget to ask the people you meet for their visiting card and if they are okay with receiving promotional emails from you.

VisualStats Sources

Go Mobile:

With mobile internet accounting for 59.36%* of total internet usage in India, create a simplified mobile friendly opt-in form to ensure that a greater audience would be able to subscribe. Ensure that emails have mobile versions that are easy to read and download and forward. Also, offer mobile subscription via a text message through a short code.

QR Code:

Almost everyone has a smartphone today and adding QR codes to your print campaign is a great way to attract customers to your website and hopefully get an opt-in.

Customer Segmentation:

Tesco is the fourth largest supermarket retailer in the world today ** because it subdivides its Clubcard holders into customer groups that share similar characteristics. Don’t have a general email for all your subscribers; make it relevant to each segment.

Marketing Alliances:

Include fresh sources of subscription awareness by running a cross promotion with another company, brand or website. All participants of the promotion can opt-in to subscribe to your email.

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